SEO 101

Modeling the architecture of your website according to the keywords in your industry

The search for keywords is a very broad topic, but generally with a little research you come to prioritize three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. It’s actually a simple prioritization of content, but here using genuine keywords searched in search engines. For example, “SEO> Organic search engine> SEO tips” shows the relationship in the sense implied by the hierarchy. This way of organizing content using actual keywords used by the Internet ensures high relevance within the same subject while targeting keywords that have high searched volume.

Publish unique content

Publishing frequently  high-quality, unique content is the most powerful natural SEO technique that anyone should use.

Publish content regularly

The fact of publishing regularly attracts  the visit of crawlers, which is an advantage. Moreover, from a purely marketing perspective, you encourage your visitors to come back. Moreover, some applications are specifically monitored by the search engines and rankings for those keywords are more sensitive to the freshness of the content.

Hold each page with a minimum of 300 words

While it is useful to publish regularly, it is even more to do so in sufficient quantity. To define the subject of a page and ensure that they receive high marks from the relevance algorithms of search engines, a minimum of 300 words per page should be used.

Keep the topic of your site within a theme

With rare exceptions, the scattering of a Web site on multiple topics ca be harmful to its positioning. A very large website combined with strong authority can allow it to get good positions on a variety of topics. The example that immediately comes to mind is, of course, the Wikipedia website that gets the first position in Google for thousands of keywords treating a multitude of topics. However, too broad ranking is detrimental to the relevance of a Web site with its positioning. If you must deal with distant subjects, it is advisable to launch a new Web site rather than dilute the contents of an existing site.

Target a single keyword or phrase with page

Optimize each page for one keyword. As shown on the SEO Ottawa website, prefer a new page rather than overstretch the subject of an existing page. Furthermore, note that in some circumstances, optimization of two pages on the same keyword can pay big dividends by displaying a double major in the search results.

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Tankless Water heater repair

There is not anything worse than being unable to complete a shower. When you possess the money it is a simple problem to fix, I guess, you can simply purchase a big geyser system. But in the event that you do not have that type of capital available to solve the crisis there might simply be another manner and the tankless water heater is your option.


How can it work?.


Let us talk about some facts before you make a determination about buying this equipment, and think about them.


Firstly you’ll at no time need to be concerned about your morning shower as the system supplies hot water immediately. It works for quite a while unlike a geyser system and also uses a lot less energy.


Are you aware your geyser is liable for a sizable part of your electricity bill? You see, in the event the geyser is switched on then it’s going to be working and heat water, even in the event that you are not home. What a waste of resources and money! Now the tankless water heater will only warm your water at your request, so it does not waste any energy while you are at work or on holiday. The number you’ll save on your own  monthly statement will also be dependent upon your consumption of hot water. But if you’re like most full time working individuals and simply use hot water in evening and the morning, then you can certainly anticipate your energy bill to reduce.


A tankless hot water heater doesn’t suffer from mineral develop in the system. And in the event you get an adequate brand and spend just a little cash, you can anticipate a lifespan on a method or more without your gear having to be fixed or replaced.


This implies that your unit should last a great time. The range of years is a result of the quality of the water heater, the characteristic of your local water, and the way you take care of it. Simply because they do not hold water, a tankless unit needs very little care.


The systems are usually a lot more costly than average water heating systems, but you have to recall that advantages mentioned above will regain your investment in the long term. If you need a company to fix your system in Toronto Baldwin Village you can check : .

But if you are located in Montreal we recommend :


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Tips to do a good keyword research

Keyword Research is a common practice used by the search engine optimization professionals to find the actual terms used by people in search engines when conducting a search. It normally helps them to research keywords thus achieving better rankings in the search engines. There are various tips to do a good keyword research including;

Make a List of Important and Relevant Topics Based on the Business

Keyword research often starts with a list of hunches and one should list the best topic buckets that help to rank based on generic buckets. The topic buckets easily assist in coming up with specific keywords in the process. Compiling a list of phrases and words that can be easily used by their target demographic to describe products, content and services is quite beneficial. For regular bloggers, the keywords are based on the  topics they frequently blog about.

Fill in the Topic Buckets with Keywords

One of the great Montreal SEO agency exposed to us that ,after selecting the best topic buckets, one should identify the keyword phrases that greatly help to rank in search engine results pages. One should also brainstorm on how consumers would ask for content in search queries by using stems, local modifiers, and modifiers. Although keywords are normally encrypted by Google on a daily basis, one should figure out the frequently used keywords in finding the web site. This is aided by the use of a software such as Google Analytics. About seorankflicks the previous company I talked about, you can check their Montreal SEO yelp ad and see how they set it up perfectly, all because they did their keyword research correctly. You can also check their Montreal SEO Facebook page and see the way they presented the description on their company.It was all done because of proper keyword research.

Research Related Search Terms

Researching related search terms is a creative step in doing keyword research. It entails using to look at related search terms that normally appear after plugging in a keyword. The bottom of Google’s results page clearly lists suggestions for the searches related to the original input. This is a great way to fill out lists and the keywords greatly help in sparking ideas for other keywords that one can use.

Use a Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner assists one in cutting down the keyword list. This is aided by the use of an AdWords account and it helps one to get traffic estimates for the keywords he or she is considering. It is also used to flag any terms in one’s list that have too little or too much search volume. Google trends help to check the projections and trend history before flagging the terms. It also assists one to determine the terms that are consistently trending upward and are worth more of one’s focus.

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